Buying information

We would like to help all visitors with the information below in connection with the purchasing of our Birman cats.

It is important to us that a Birman cat be beautiful and healthy, therefore our aim is to have kittens with high quality, making them well worth their price. Furthermore, it is also relevant that we want to be recognized as breeders who focus on the quality not the quantity of cats. Therefore we are registered members of the Felis Hungarica Cat Group which belongs to the FIFe (a leading international cat fancier society), where the name of our cattery is Silky White Paw.

To confirm our cats are of the highest quality, we enter them in cat shows organised in Hungary and foreign countries. The results received on the exhibitions from the judges show that our cats meet the breed standards. Our female cat, Mesmeria is a Champion, our tom-cat, Urien is already Inter-Champion and both cats are currently collecting the awards for the next qualification. Our unconcealed purpose is to get the World Champion award as well. In order to maintain and preserve the health of our cats, they receive all the necessary vaccinations, vitamins, and veterinary treatments regularly, and we feed them the highest quality foods.

A Birman litter contains 1-5 kittens. Furthermore, a female cat may farrow only three times within 24 months, to have enough time for rest and regeneration. Because of this factor, if you decided to buy a kitten from us, our proposal is to pre-order him/her. That does not mean you are making a purchasing commitment. In case there is no available kittens, you can put your name on the waiting-list at any time. You can choose from kittens after paying a deposit. The kittens can move to their new home once they have reached the age of 12 weeks, their purchase price is paid in full, and the written contract between the customer and our cattery has been agreed to and signed.

There are two different price categories (which are also similar at other breeders) depending on your intentions with the cat:

– Pets

– Breeding / Show cats

The kittens for pets without any breeding purpose can be moved to their new family as spayed/neutered cats or with the contract of spaying/neutering. This is necessary to protect the cats, the new owner and the breed. Neutered/spayed pets can participate in cat shows and we would be very happy to see the cats born and grown at Silky White Paw in an exhibition. The breed/show cats have varying pricing. Kittens will be moved to their new home with vaccinations (combination and against rabies).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help all enquirers, customers and new owners with further useful advice and information.