Our Silky White Paw Birman Cattery is situated in the North-West part of Veszprém county in a small town called Pápa. Our idea about cat breeding came from the desire to have a pet in our home. We had some cats earlier at our parental home, but we both wanted cats of our own after our marriage.

At an exhibition many, many years ago, a Birman cat fascinated me with her incredibly lovely face, huge sapphire-blue eyes, and cashmere like coat. Because of this, we decided to choose this breed. As we became more acquainted with our cats, it strengthened our knowledge that this species of cat was the best choice we could make. Birmans not only look beautiful, but are adorable because of their friendly, intelligent, and playful behavior too.

I have always been pet friendly (especially with cats), and I’ve wanted to own a cat since I was a child.  Now that I am a breeder, my dream didn’t just come true, it’s become greater than I could imagine.

Our cats:

We started the Birman breeding in 2013. We wanted to start with a female cat, but it so happened that we chose a male. So we finally bought our female, Urien, from an Italian breeder after a long search. After some time had passed we decided to find a mate for Urien, so we brought Mesmeria from Poland in 2014. So, currently they are our breeding cats, but of course we would like to get some other cats as well in the future.

In addition to breeding our cats we play an important role in our cats’ everyday life, as they’re like small family members. Some people think that cats are selfish, unfriendly and it is impossible to caress them. Based on our experience with our cats we can confirm that it is just a misbelief.

Our cats follow us everywhere and love to be pet and cuddled. They always make us laugh with their latest antics coming from their playful hearts.